A Fresh Flow of New LAVA® Lamp Items

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  • 2014 - New!

    14.5" Candy Swirl LAVA® Lamp
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  • 2015 - New!

    14.5” Groovy Gradient Flocked LAVA® Lamp
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  • 2016 - New!

    14.5” Disco Fever Glitter LAVA® Lamp
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    Out of Stock
  • 2017 - New!

    14.5” Vinyl Record Grooved LAVA® Lamp
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  • 2496 - New!

    14.5" Ceramic Dip LAVA® Lamp
    Buy USD $39.99

The combination of light and motion that makes a LAVA® lamp so special is timeless — but that doesn’t mean it can’t be innovative. LAVA® lamps didn’t become iconic products that have been beloved for more than 50 years by offering the same old, same old. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing you fresh and innovative variations on the classic LAVA® lamp and continually finding new spins on the existing favorite designs. This is the page where you can find all of the newest LAVA® lamp designs, so keep checking back to see how we’re reinventing the winning formula of the LAVA® lamp and bringing it up to date to reflect the latest trends and styles.

When the first LAVA® lamp debuted, it looked like nothing else that had ever existed. This is why it quickly became a big seller and a fixture in countless homes, offices and dorm rooms. It’s why we are always on the lookout for ways to improve the concept and create new LAVA® lamps that make an impression the same way the original did years ago.

Bubbling With the Latest Styles

Trends are always changing, and what was fashionable a few years ago can seem outdated today. That’s why we’re dedicated to always being on the cutting edge, with cool LAVA® lamps that will be right at home no matter what the hot look is at the time. Along with finding new, stunning color schemes and styles for our new LAVA® lamp designs to suit just about any environment, we also work hard to develop variations on the classic concept. Our innovative LAVA® lamps retain the spirit of the original while also creating an entirely new kind of experience.

For decades, LAVA® lamps have brought a welcome dash of color and calming motion anywhere they go. From bedrooms to living rooms to dorm rooms to waiting rooms, the classic and iconic LAVA® lamp has been a source of joy and relaxation for millions around the world. It all started with a single product that was unlike anything anyone had ever seen — and it’s that sense of wonder and amazement that we strive to infuse into all of our products to this day. No matter what you’re looking for or how you want to bring some of that LAVA® lamp ingenuity and innovation into your life, you’ll find the latest and greatest LAVA® lamp products right here on this page.