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  • 1910

    11.5” LAVA® Lamp
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    Red wax / clear liquid

  • 1953

    11.5" LAVA® Lamp
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    White wax / blue liquid

  • 1954

    11.5” LAVA® Lamp
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    Pink wax / clear liquid

  • 1982

    11.5" Rainbow LAVA® Lamp
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    White wax / clear liquid / tri-colored globe / rainbow base


These LAVA® lamps will not only bring back memories, but will create new ones too. They provide soft, relaxing light and are the perfect size for homes, offices or dorm rooms! Different color combinations of liquid and wax in the globes allow you to choose the perfect lamp for any mood and occasion. Watch the mesmerizing lava blobs collide and flow as they ooze up and down the glass globe. These lamps will be a stylish addition to any space and make great gifts for special occasions.