Classic Silver Base Lamps

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Classic Silver Base LAVA® Lamps

The iconic LAVA® lamp came to the United States in 1965 in the form of a single classic lighting product — a motion lamp with a silver base. From that singular vision came a rainbow of looks, but the classic silver base lava remains the one that started it all. As the basis for the entire LAVA® lamp phenomenon, the silver base LAVA® lamp remains just as timeless and iconic today as it was back then. Not only will the classic LAVA® lamp bring back memories of days gone by, but it can help you create new memories as well. These classic lamps still provide the same soothing, soft light that creates a relaxing atmosphere, and they continue to make great conversation pieces for your home or office.

Our classic silver bases come in all sizes so you can pick the perfect LAVA® lamp for your desks, dorm rooms or man caves. Choose an 11.5″ lamp for smaller spots, a 27″ grande that demands attention standing alone on the floor, or any medium-sized lamp in between that fits nicely in just about any space. If you love a certain globe color combination, you can get it in any or all sizes! We have the right size of classic silver base LAVA® lamps for any room or occasion.