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    27″ Grande LAVA® Lamp
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    Pink wax / purple liquid / silver base

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    27″ Grande LAVA® Lamp
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    Yellow wax / blue liquid / silver base

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    27″ Grande LAVA® Lamp
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    Yellow wax / purple liquid / silver base

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    Custom Cool 27" LAVA® Lamp
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    Create a totally unique Grande LAVA® lamp that you can get ONLY ON OUR WEBSITE!


Who says size doesn’t matter? This is the biggest LAVA® lamp we make! At over 2 feet tall and 250 ounces of liquid, these LAVA® lamps provide maximum relaxation and fun, not to mention the perfect conversation piece, in any room. With many color combinations to choose from, there’s no better way to go big than with the Grande LAVA® lamp for your home, dorm room or office.

As much fun and excitement as a regular-sized LAVA® lamp brings to a room, a tall 27″ LAVA® lamp can double it. Making a giant LAVA® lamp the focal point of your room is sure to draw a lot of eyes to it and turn any party into a full-blown experience. The huge LAVA® lamp experience of the Grande can provide hours of soothing, flowing, glowing motion unlike anything else you can experience for much less than the cost of a top-of-the-line entertainment system.

Available in several color combinations of liquid and wax, as well as customizable options on our Custom Cool page, you’re sure to find a Grande LAVA® lamp that fits the décor of your home or office.

Grande LAVA® lamps are a huge hit for all lava lovers, making it one of our most popular LAVA® lamp items. Make a bold statement and enjoy the colorful motion of the largest LAVA® lamp on the market. Grande LAVA® lamps give you the most lava to love!