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  • 7101

    10″ Mini Vortex Lamp
    Buy $19.99

    Color phasing, motorized, swirling glitter action

  • 7103

    10″ Mini Volcano Lamp
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    100 “lava” globules erupt from a volcano

  • 10″ Silvery Slate Mini LAVA Lamp


    10" LAVA® Lamp
    Buy $19.99

    Silvery Slate


Fun lamps are unique, whimsical lamps that have the shape of a LAVA® lamp but the function of a novelty lamp. From volcanoes to fireplaces, we like to come up with interesting lamps that will add some fun to any space!

These one-of-a-kind lamps add character to any room. There is something for everyone in this collection – whether you want a fuss-free fish tank with the Aquarium lamp, your own volcano without the worry of molten lava, or a day at the beach building sand castles without the messy sand. The faux fireplace and star vortex also add a touch of fun to any décor. The instant start-up action gets the fun started right away. Without the heat that you find in a regular LAVA® lamp, these are perfect for smaller children. Enjoy these fun versions of the timeless LAVA® lamp.