Lava Insiders™ FAQs

What is the Lava Insiders™ program? This program is for people who really LOVE LAVA® lamps! Not only do we give you special sales, insider info, and exclusive products, but you also earn blobs every time you shop! These blobs can be redeemed for rewards – the more you spend the more rewards you earn! The program is FREE; simply shop like you always do and get rewarded for it!

How do I enroll in the Lava Insiders™ program? Go to the Lava Insiders™ section of the website and click on the join button. Follow the steps to create an account and join the Lava Insiders™ program.

What information do I need to provide to join the Lava Insiders™ program? To receive all of the benefits of the program you will need to provide – Name, Address, Phone Number, Email Address and Birthday. Opting in to receive emails from Lifespan Brands and providing your birthday allows us to send you exclusive member-only promotions including a free gift on your birthday!

Are there membership levels to the Lava Insiders program? Yes. Please see the chart below.

Level Blob Value
Classic 100 $6.00 off next purchase
Premier 250 $20.00 off next purchase
Royale 500 $50.00 off next purchase

Are there any requirements for becoming a member? You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States of America or Canada to enroll in the program.

My family has more than one customer. Can we all be Lava Insiders™? Yes, just remember each person needs their own account and you cannot combine your memberships or blob totals.

How does the Lava Insiders™ program work? Sign up to be a Lava Insider™ then when checking out on Be sure you are logged in and your purchases will be automatically credited to your Lava Insider™ account.

Does it cost anything to be a Lava Insider™? No – enrollment in the Lava Insiders™ program is FREE.

Where can I find my blob balance?

  • To check your blob balance please log into your account.
  • Once logged in, please click on Lava Insiders™ and your blob balance will be shown.

How do I redeem my blobs online? Make sure you are logged into your Lava® account on When you are done shopping, proceed to check out and then you can select how many blobs and what reward you want to redeem.

Can I use my blobs with other discounts or promotions offered on Yes, you can redeem your blobs even when using other promo codes for monthly sales.

What items do not qualify for blob redemption? Most products are eligible for blob redemption, except for gift cards, taxes and shipping fees.

What happens if I return an item I used my blobs to buy? If you use your blobs to buy an item and then return that item, you will receive only what you paid for the items and the blobs redeemed on the item to use at a future date. If you bought more than one item during the transaction, you will receive the proportionate amount of blobs back.

Can I give my blobs to a friend or family member? No, blobs are not transferrable.

Will I receive a birthday gift? Yes, we will email you a special promotion on your birthday.

What happens to my blobs when I return an item? Your blobs are deducted from your blobs base.

How do I earn blobs? Make sure your Lava Insiders™ is set up. Then make sure you are signed in when you shop on and your blobs will be added to your account automatically when your items have shipped.

How are blobs calculated? Members earn 1 blob per every $1 spent on qualifying purchases. Taxes and shipping fees are not included.

When do points appear in my rewards account? Blobs/points will be credited to your account after your order has shipped.

Do all of my purchases count towards my blobs? You can earn blobs on most of our products. However, gift cards, shipping charges and taxes are not eligible for blobs.

How long are blobs valid? Blobs/points will expire one year from when they were earned.

How do I know if I have blobs expiring? Your account will have your blob total and expiring date.