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BuzzFeed’s 14 College Essentials That Won’t Be In Mom’s Care Package

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Check out the Lava® lamps in this great list of college essentials from Spencer’s and BuzzFeed!

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Can You Take a Lava to College?

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A Lava® lamp is a necessity for most heading to college! Spencer’s just named us one of the top 5 essentials for college dorms. We see a lot of talk about taking Lava® lamps to decorate dorm rooms. Mostly, there are no dorm policies against using Lava® lamps. Be sure to check your dorm’s policies, just to be sure.

Lava Lamps DO NOT Use halogen bulbs. Many Colleges do not allow any lamps with halogen bulbs. Halogen does get much hotter than the standard appliance sized bulbs that our lamps take.

We recommend using Lava® lamps for periods of 8 hours. They do get warm and need a break. They won’t cause a fire, but they might start the lava in your lamp flowing in little dot patterns instead of big oozing wax which circulates the globe. If you do this continually – you might ruin your lava lamp globe, then you would be sad. It might be a good idea to bring a timer if you are studying all night – its one less thing to worry about.

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WINNER of Spencer’s 2013 Vendor of the Year Award for Creativity and Innovation

We are thrilled to announce that Lava Lite is the WINNER of Spencer’s 2013 Vendor of the Year for Creativity and Innovation award. Thank you, Spencer’s, for recognizing the hard work that we are happy to do for you!

Here are some photos from the fantastic ceremony that was held in Atlantic City on May 13, 2014!

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The Award
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Our CEO, Clay Farnsworth (second from left), with Spencer’s Executives
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Our CEO, Clay Farnsworth (far right), his lovely wife, Chris (second from right), who is also a Lava employee, with the Spencer’s Buying Team.
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Lava® Lite + Spencer’s Spirit of Children

Lava® Lite, LLC was proud to partner with Spencer Gifts’ charity, Spirit of Children, this Fall.  Hospitalized children were invited to use their imaginations to draw the contents of Lava® Lamps.  All participants received a Lava night light and winners won a 17″ Lava® Lamp.  Here are just a few of the fantastic drawings that we received.  Thanks to Spencer’s for the opportunity and a HUGE thank you to all of the kids who participated!

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