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Finding the Right Bulb for Your Lava® Lamp

A Lava® lamp can bring a lot of color and joy to any room. Just about everyone who has one loves to watch the soothing combination of light and motion all day and all night. Light bulbs don’t last forever, unfortunately, but that doesn’t mean your Lava® lamp has to go dark forever. The light source inside a Lava® lamp can be replaced just like any other type of lamp. Yet given the unique nature of the Lava® lamp, you may be wondering, “What kind of bulb does a Lava® lamp take?” The good news is that it’s easy to determine what size light bulb works best for your Lava® lamp.

Even though they look different than any other type of lamp on the market, Lava® lamps do not require special bulbs. However, they do require bulbs specific to the lamp’s design. Finding the Lava® lamp bulb size that works best for your particular model will guarantee you’ll be able to keep your Lava® lamp in good working order for as long as possible.

Below, you’ll find a handy chart that will help you find the proper Lava® lamp bulb wattage and size based on the type of Lava® lamp you have. The majority of these are common appliance-type bulbs that can be found in most major retailers, including Target, Walmart, Home Depot, etc. Check out the chart below to help you choose the right wattage bulb for your lamp. (Bring the bulb to the store if that will help you confirm that you’re getting the right one.) Be sure to get a two-pack so you’re prepared for the next time and won’t have to make another trip to the store before you get your Lava® lamp glowing and flowing again!

We also have our own Lava® lamp brand bulbs available on our website at Lava Lamp Bulbs – Parts and Accessories and at many retailers. When you order your Lava® lamp replacement bulbs and accessories directly from us, you’ll be sure to find exactly the right bulb and parts for your lamp.