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Custom Cool Name Game

Last week we held a social media contest – the Custom Cool Name Game – where we asked people to create a Custom Cool Lava® lamp and give it a cool name.

People came up with some pretty awesome lamps, and funny, creative names!


See if you can match these awesome names to the cool lamps our Facebook followers created!

  • Acacia
  • Bubble Butt
  • Fire and Ice
  • Goldmember
  • Hippified Lava Flo
  • Mermaid Queen
  • The Bling
  • The Inspiration
  • Mean Green Machine
  • LBD (Little Black Dress)


And the winner of the contest (left) was Jessica Surland for her Halloween-appropriately named lamp “Radioactive Monster Snot!” Very unique and great for the Halloween season!

Have you created your own customized Lava® lamp yet? Check out our Custom Cool page to pick your own base/cap and globe to make a special lamp that is just for you. Or, make a unique lamp as a gift for someone you know! These lamps cannot be found in any store – ONLY on our website!